Value-Add Services

F.R.O.G Fulfillment is a one-stop-shop for your business’s shipping needs. In addition to our core fulfillment services (e-commerce shipping, retail shipping, and warehousing), we offer value-add services that are designed to make your life easier and help your business stand out from the competition.

Rapid Scalability

We know that seasonal pressure, promotional offers, holidays, and viral business growth will all affect your order fulfillment and warehousing needs. Our warehousing infrastructure, including our conveyer belts, assembly lines, package taping machines, WMS, integration capabilities, and temperature-controlled zones, means we’re ready to scale with you at all times.

Don’t waste your margins on excessive warehousing fees and “just in case” warehouse staff. Instead, relax and work on expanding your business.

We’ll handle this side of things—hassle-free, guaranteed.

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Your business may offer products that require specialized labeling. This project can be time-consuming and expensive for you to execute on your own, but F.R.O.G. Fulfillment can execute labeling for a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time.


Kitting bundles two or more products and creates a customized, easy-to-order, easy-to-track SKU. This tactic is excellent for 2-for-1 promotional deals, bundled products, and limited coupon fulfillment. Don’t let logistical concerns prevent you from offering deals that will draw the traffic you deserve!

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One of the ways you can lend your goods a luxury, customized feel is by offering personalization. Certain gifts, especially around the holiday season, are going to be more appealing to your customer base if they know your e-commerce shop offers laser etching of names or initials. If this capability is something you’re searching for in a 3PL, please let us know.

Blister Packs

Your fragile products must make it to your customers in perfect condition, or you’re stuck eating the cost of returns and refunds. Our blister packaging describes the various ways we pack fragile, valuable, and perishable goods before we send them on their way. By having our team execute your blister packaging, we’ll keep your overhead lower and reduce the time your fragile goods spend in transit.
Work Less Earn More

International Trade Compliance

Our international shipping capabilities include international trade compliance. If you’re an e-commerce company that ships overseas or are ready to expand your capabilities to do so, you can confidently rely on our awareness of the global trade landscape to make the transition in a snap.

Custom Automated Rules for Returns

We will work with you to determine how you want us to manage your returns. Once we have your specifications, we’ll automate the process accordingly. Our returns automation can be broken down by B2B, B2C, and reason for return.

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Our goal is to keep your rate of returns as low as possible. On the occasions that a package is returned, we can inspect it carefully, repackage it, then reintegrate it into your stock of salable goods.

Proper Disposal or Product Destruction

When a returned item is not in pristine condition, it will have to be disposed of properly or destroyed. Usually, this includes breaking down packaging, recycling where possible, and discarding or destroying what remains. 

Certain goods, like batteries, perfume, and industrial cleaning products, must be disposed of in accordance with both state and federal regulations. While there are additional costs associated with disposal of these types of items, your company will benefit from our warehouse offering this vital service; you won’t have to worry about staying in compliance. We’ll do all of that for you.