Retail Fulfillment

Create a Strategy Designed Specifically for You

F.R.O.G. will partner with you to ensure each step of the complicated retail fulfillment process is seamless, easy to understand, and scalable. Let’s work together to create a unique strategy designed specifically to help you realize your retail business dreams.

Delivery to brick-and-mortar locations relies on a dynamic, robust supply chain. Promotions, holidays, seasonality, and economic pressures will all influence the demand for your products. To store and ship the quantities required with these inconsistent ordering patterns means your business needs an experienced, agile fulfillment team that can guarantee efficient, accurate delivery regardless of inside and outside factors.

4_Integrated Capabilities

Integration Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art integration software works beautifully with both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms, which will position you to incorporate retail fulfillment into your existing e-commerce operations.

Our Promise to You

Your inventory will reach nearly any prominent domestic retailer within 24 – 48 hours. Our Warehouse Management System is cutting-edge. We will give you access to your inventory and real-time tracking of your shipments from warehouse to retail dock. Focus on growing your business and enjoy the confidence that comes with our 99.96% inventory accuracy rate.
order accuracy
5_B2B Fulfillment

B2B Fulfillment Capabilities

  • Integrated retail support 
  • Cross docking
  • Customized packing lists
  • Customized packing protocols
  • Customized labels
  • Third party shipping accounts
  • Expanded shipping options

Pick & Pack

Don’t lose capital by paying for services you aren’t using. We don’t ask our clients to gamble via projections, which is why we offer Pick & Pack. We’ll charge you for your monthly activity. No more, no less. Some months you may ship 10 products, while other months may see shipping upwards of 1,000 items! Keep track of your activity via our Warehouse Management System, and you’ll have precise data on your costs month by month.

We are committed to 100% transparency.

Now. Anytime. Always.

6_Bulk Processing

Bulk Processing

Access your inventory through our WMS and set up bulk processing. You’ll find that this process makes fulfilling B2B orders simple, just like the B2C orders you have already mastered. Use our cutting-edge software to effortlessly communicate with our warehouse, informing us of the inventory flow and packing processes you need. We will then be able to compile multiple orders rapidly with the same 99.96% accuracy you expect from F.R.O.G. Fulfillment Services.

Unique Projects

If you’re launching new packaging, labeling, or are ready to take a seasonal inventory, just let us know. We are standing by to support your success in every way. No task is too easy, too difficult, too large or too small for our team. Still not sure? Ask us if we can handle your new task(s). We are guaranteed to be up to the challenge every time.
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