DTC Fulfillment Company

3PL Bridge offers world class DTC Fulfillment

  • Big box retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers (exercise equipment and business machines)
  • E Commerce / eTailers
  • Healthcare Companies (equipment and supplies)
  • Dedicated contract warehousing within 3PL Bridge Network

DTC Fulfillment Company That Fits Your Needs

3PL Bridge is a third-party logistics company that specializes in partnering logistics and warehousing for small and medium enterprises, their primary services include e-commerce fulfillment, inventory overflow management, business to business management, and the final mile for their North American clients., their main headquarters is located in Dallas Texas and they have over 100 warehouses and fulfillment centers scattered across the states to better serve their clients. The business model that they have been using to properly deliver an excellent service to clients is the 3PL model wherein the enterprise or manufacturer outsources a package for transport and logistical activities, this where the 3rd party logistics support comes in where they would provide and organize the logistics need of the client in a faster and more efficient way removing the error in the delivery process.

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment or DTC fulfillment is considered to be a synchronized process wherein it coherently delivers the client’s orders usually this can be seen in cash on delivery services of fast-food restaurants and groceries, these can be seen during the covid-19 pandemic wherein there is a less need for physical stores. The DTC Fulfillment (Direct To Consumer) has been popularized by the e-commerce giant amazon where they have started a phenomenon in the online shopping community due to the rapid growth of social media the e-commerce platform has been the new trend when it comes to shopping online. Since the majority of the small and medium enterprises are now in the e-commerce platform, most of their inventories will need a warehousing center to properly organize their goods, and be sure to give that DTC Fulfillment (Direct To Consumer).


DTC Shipping Logistics

This is where the 3PL Bridge comes into play since they specialize in organizing and logistical support in the e-commerce platforms they make sure that you will be partnered with the perfect partner for your logistical needs for your business because they will be the one to safely guard and organize your inventory of goods and products making you less stressed when it comes to handling your inventory with their well-trained staff they can properly handle all your goods making them organize and saving the client time and money in the long run. A simple call to the 3PL bridge will help your business be in a much-organized way because 3PL Bridge has different connections when it comes to logistical services and their services are on a much affordable side which can be a big help for those who are just starting out in the e-commerce platform.

The DTC Fulfillment (Direct To Consumer) has been an integral part of the success of the 3PL bridge because they really care about their client’s needs since investing in an online business does not come cheap which is why 3PL Bridge makes sure that the client is partnered with trusted logistical support wherein they would provide excellent and affordable service wherein the client would be able to be successful in the e-commerce market by making their products renowned in the market